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Basic Electrical Objective Questions: Part 1

Objective Questions From Basic Electrical Engineering:

[1] Which of the following can vary with ac, but never with dc?
A.  Power
B.  Voltage
C.  Frequency
D.  Amplitude

[2] If all other factors are kept constant, the inductance of the air-core coil is not affected by
A.  The frequency
B.  The number of turns
C.  The diameter of the coil
D.  The length of the coil

[3] The length of time between a point in one cycle and the same point in the next cycle of an ac wave is the
A.  Frequency
B.  Magnitude
C.  Period
D.  Polarity

[4] Capacitance acts to store electrical energy as
A.  Current
B.  Voltage
C.  A magnetic field
D.  An electric field
[5] On a spectrum analyzer, a  ac signal having only one frequency component looks like
A.  A single pip
B.  A sine wave
C.  A square wave
D.  A sawtooth wave

[6] A ferromagnetic core is place in the inductor to
A.  Increase the current carrying capacity
B.  Increase the inductance
C.  Limit the current
D.  Reduce the inductance

[7] The period of a ac wave, in seconds is
A.  The same as the frequency in hertz
B.  Not related to the frequency in any way
C.  Equal to 1 divided by the frequency in hertz
D.  Equal to the peak amplitude in volts divided by the frequency in hertz

[8] An inductor works by
A.  Charging a piece of wire
B.  Storing energy as a magnetic field
C.  Choking off dc
D.  Introducing resistance into a field

[9] As capacitor plate area increases
A.  The capacitance increases
B.  The capacitance decreases
C.  The capacitance does not change
D.  The current handling ability decreases
[10] In a small inductance
A.  Energy is stored and released slowly
B.  The current flow is always large
C.  The current flow is always slow
D.  Energy is stored and released quickly

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