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About This Blog:
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This site is for fresh Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is useful for them for preparing the competitive exams, entrance exams and technical interviews. 
For professional Engineers, this site will be useful as the quick refresh material. Each post will contain 10 to 15 questions. Please try to answer them in a short duration.
If you are having any electrical and electronics related questions, please post it in the comments section. We will answer as soon as possible. 
About Us:We, a couple engineers maintaining this blog. 
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  1. great work keep it up...iam vignesh from chennai

  2. What reference book are you Sir using for Basic Electrical/Electronics? Circuit Theory and Electronic Devices? Thanks in advance sir.

  3. What reference book you using Sir? For Basic Electronics/Electrical Engineering? Circuit Theory and Electronics Devices? Thanks in advance

  4. it is very good and like it which is best for the learner and I comment you to concern electrical power engineering power system expressions with explanations