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Basic Electrical Engineering: Part-2 Solved Objective

Objective Questions From Basic Electrical Engineering:

[1] The main advantage of air as a dielectric material for capacitors is
A.  Has a high dielectric constant
B.  Is not physically dense
C.  Has low loss
D.  Allows for large capacitance in a small volume
[2] Which of the following is a polarized capacitor?
A.  Paper
B.  Mica
C.  Inter electrode
D.  Electrolytic

[3] In a 117Vrms utility circuit, the positive peak voltage is approximately

A.  82.7V
B.  165V
C.  234V
D.  331V

[4] If a capacitor has  a negative temperature coefficient then
A. Its capacitance decreases as the temperature rises
B. Its capacitance increases as the temperature rises
C. Its capacitance does not change with temperature
D. It will not work if the temperature is below freezing
[5] Inductors in series, assuming there is no mutual inductance, combine
A.  Like resistors in parallel
B.  Like resistors in series
C.  Like batteries in series with opposite polarities
D.  In a way unlike any other type of component
[6] The five 0.050 μF capacitors are connected in series. The equivalent capacitance is
A.  0.010 μf
B.  0.25 μf
C.  0.50 μf
D.  0.025 μf

[7] A material with a high dielectric constant
A.  Acts to increase capacitance per unit volume
B.  Acts to decrease capacitance per unit volume
C.  Has no effect on capacitance
D.  Causes a capacitor to become polarized

[8] In a perfect sine wave, the peak to peak amplitude is equal to
A.  Half the peak amplitude
B.  The peak amplitude
C.  1.414 times the peak amplitude
D.  Twice the peak amplitude

[9] A triangular wave exhibits
A.  An instantaneous rise and a defined decay
B.  A defined rise and an instantaneous decay
C.  A defined rise and a defined decay, and the two are equal
D.  An instantaneous rise and an instantaneous decay

[10] The colour bands on a carbon composition resistor occur in the sequence: yellow, violet, yellow and silver. Its resistance is
(a) 470 KΩ± 47 KΩ
(b) 470 KΩ± 23.5 %
(c) 47 KΩ± 10 % 
(d) 47 KΩ± 5 %

[11] If 120°C of charge passes through an electric conductor in 60 sec, the current in the conductor is

(a) 0.5A
(b) 2A
(c) 3.33mA
(d) 0.3mA

[12] The energy required to move 120 coulomb through 3V is 

(a) 25mJ
(b) 360J
(c) 40J
(d) 2.78mJ

[13] The current carrying capacity of a 1W, 4MΩ resistor used in radio receiver is 

(a) 0.5kA
(b) 2kA
(c) 2mA
(d) 0.5mA

[14] A capacitor is charged by a constant current of 2mA and results in a voltage increase of 12V in a 10 sec interval. The value of capacitance is
(a) 0.75mF
(b) 1.33mF
(c) 0.6mF
(d) 1.67mF

[15] Three phase ac supply
A.  Has sawtooth waves that add together in phase
B.  Consists of three sine waves in different phases
C.  Is a sine wave with exactly three harmonics
D.  Is of interest only to physicists

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