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Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ] on Basic Electrical Engineering -Part15

First year Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering Objective Questions

[1] The coulomb is a unit of:
(a) Energy
(b) Voltage
(c) Power
(d) Quantity of electricity

[2] A charge of 240 C is transferred in 2 minutes. The current flowing is:
(a) 480A
(b) 120A
(c) 2A
(d) 8A

[3] A resistance of 50 kΩ has a conductance of:
(a) 20S
(b) 0.02S
(c) 0.02 mS
(d) 20 kS

[4] Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) 1N = 1 kgm/s2
(b) 1V = 1 J/C
(c) 30mA = 0.03A
(d) 1 J = 1N/m

[5] The power dissipated by a resistor of 10 ohm when a current of 2A passes through it is:
(a) 0.4W
(b) 20W
(c) 40W
(d) 200W

[6] A mass of 1200g is accelerated at 200 cm/sby a force. The value of the force required is:
(a) 2.4N
(b) 2400N
(c) 240 kN
(d) 0.24N

[7] A current of 2A flows for 10 hour through a 100 ohm resistor. The energy consumed by the resistor is:
(a) 0.5 kWh
(b) 4 kWh
(c) 2 kWh
(d) 0.02 kWh

[8] The unit of quantity of electricity is the:
(a) volt
(b) coulomb
(c) ohm
(d) joule

[9] Electromotive force is provided by:
(a) Resistance’s
(b) A conducting path
(c) An electric current
(d) An electrical supply source

[10] The unit of current is the:
(a) Volt
(b) Coulomb
(c) Joule
(d) Ampere

[11] In order that work may be done:
(a) Two wires are necessary
(b) The circuit must have a switch
(c) Coal must be burnt
(d) A supply of energy is required

[12] The ohm is the unit of:
(a) Charge
(b) Resistance
(c) Power
(d) Current

[13] The unit of resistivity is:
(a) ohms
(b) ohm millimetre
(c) ohm metre
(d) ohm/metre

[14] Voltage drop is the:
(a) Maximum potential
(b) Difference in potential between two points
(c) Voltage at the end of a circuit
(d) Voltage produced by a source

[15] A 240V, 60W lamp has a working resistance of:
(a) 1400 ohm
(b) 60 ohm
(c) 960 ohm
(d) 325 ohm

Solution Hint:
[1] Units
Energy - Watt-hr
Voltage - volts
Power - watts
[2] Current  =  Charge in coulomb/ Time in sec
[3] Conductance = 1/Resistance
[15] P = V2/R

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