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Measurements Instruments Objective Questions with Answers: part-8

Measurements and Instruments Objective Questions with Answers

[1] The most preferred material for the control spring is
(a) German silver
(b) Platinum silver
(c) Silicon bronze
(d) Phosphor bronze

[2] A moving coil instrument is used as an ohmmeter. The indicating scale of the meter will be
(a) Hyperbolic
(b) Logarithmic
(c) Linear
(d) Inverse linear

[3] For high accuracy the meter has
(a) Supporting mirror
(b) Hand drawn scale
(c) Printed scale
(d) Scale with sharp pointer

[4] Among the voltages to various electrodes in a CRT the voltage is the highest on
(a) Aquadag
(b) Focusing anode
(c) Deflection plates
(d) PD anode

[5] In a free running oscilloscope the horizontal deflection system is driven by a ........ waveform
(a) Step
(b) Impulse
(c) Ramp
(d) DC

[6] A Lissajous patterns are used to measure
(a) Voltage and frequency
(b) Frequency and Phase shift
(c)  Frequency and amplitude distortion
(d) Amplitude and flux

[7] The shunt used in milliammeter
(a) will extend the range and reduce the meter resistance
(b) will extend the range and increase the meter resistance
(c) will decrease the range and meter resistance
(d) will not affect the meter

[8] The electrostatic instruments can be used without serious loss of accuracy upto ......... frequency
(a) 100Hz
(b) 100kHz
(c) 1 MHz
(d) 10MHz

[9] In the case of PMMC rectifier type instruments, the deflecting torque is proportional to
(a) Average value of AC current
(b) RMS of AC
(c) Instantaneous value
(d) Peak value

[10] Inductance and capacitance in the electrostatic system of units has the dimensions of
(a) mass
(b) mass-time
(c) mass length/time
(d) length

[11] For the indicating instrument the preferred damping condition is
(a) Critically damped
(b) a damping coefficient of 0.8 to 1
(c) Overdamped
(d) Underdamped

[12] One international ohm is equal to
(a) 1.00049 absolute ohm
(b) 0.99951 absolute ohm
(c) 0.969 absolute ohm
(d) 1.049 absolute ohm

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