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Measurements Instrumentation Objective Questions Answers: Part-5

Objective Questions from Measurements Instrumentation 

[1] A CRO can display
(a) AC signals
(b) DC signals
(c) Both AC and DC signals
(d) Time invariant signals

[2] The internal resistance of an ammeter should be
(a) Very small
(b) medium
(c) High
(d) Infinity

[3] A galvanometer has
(a) air friction damping
(b) fluid friction damping
(c) Spring coil damping
(d) Eddy current damping

[4] Electrostatic instruments are normally used for
(a) Low current measurements
(b) High current measurements
(c) Low voltage measurements
(d) High voltage measurements

[5] In a moving coil instrument, the deflecting torque is proportional to
(a) Current
(b) Square of the current
(c) Squareroot of the current
(d)  sine of the measurand

[6] The absolute measurement of resistance is done by
(a) Ohm's law method
(b) Bridge Method
(c) Rayleigh method
(d) Lorenz method

[7] To measure the flux, devices used are based on
(a) Voltaic effect
(b) Piezo-electric effect
(c) Hall effect
(d) Photo-voltaic effect

[8] The form factor in AC is the ratio of
(a) peak value to average value
(b) peak value to rms value
(c) rms value to average value
(d) rms value to peak value

[9] PMMC type instruments normally use
(a) Air friction damping
(b) Fluid friction damping
(c) Eddy current damping
(d) None of the above

[10] In a moving iron meter, the deflecting torque is proportional to
(a) Current through the coil
(b) Square of the current through the coil
(c) Sine of the measurand
(d) Squareroot of the measurand

[11] In a gravity controlled instrument, the deflection angle is proportional
(a) Measurand
(b) Square of the measurand
(c) sine inverse of measurand
(d) sine of the measurand

[12] Ampere is one of the
(a) Supplementary units
(b) Derived units
(c) Base units
(d) Units used to measure charge

[13] Direct method is used to measure
(a) Length
(b) Temperature
(c) Pressure
(d) Voltage

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