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Electrical Basics Objective Part-5 Questions

Basic Electrical Engineering Objective Questions:

[1] A diode can be used as a frequency multiplier because of its
A.  Junction capacitance
B.  Non linearity
C.  Avalanche voltage
D.  Forward breakover
E.  Charge carrier concentration

[2] Which of the following is not a common form of data transmission
A. Polarization modulation
B. Frequency modulation
C. Amplitude modulation
D. Phase modulation
E. Pulse modulation

[3] A very brief, high voltage spike on an ac power line is called as
A. A bleeder
B. An arc
C. A transient
D. An avalanche
E. A clipped peak

[4] Which of the following is not characteristic of an oscillator?
A. Negative feedback
B. Good output to input coupling
C. Reasonably high transistor gain
D. Alternating current signal output
E. Usefulness as a signal generator

[5] The other name for beta of BJT is
A. Current amplification factor
B. Voltage amplification factor
C. Power amplification factor
D. Maximum amplification frequency
E. Optimum amplification frequency

[6] You can find the zener diode in
A. The mixer in a superheterodyne receiver
B. The PLL in a circuit for detecting FM
C. The product detector in a receiver for SSB
D. The voltage regulator in a power supply
E. The AF oscillator in an AFSK transmitter

[7] When the bias in an FET stops the flow of current, the condition is called
A. Forward breakover
B. Cutoff
C. Reverse bias
D. Pinchoff
E. Avalanche

[8] The VA rating of a transformer is an expression of
A. The maximum frequency at which it can function
B. The type of core material it has
C. The voltage step-up or step-down ratio
D. The impedance transfer ratio
E. None of the above

[9] In N-type semiconductor, the minority carriers are
A. Electrons
B. Protons
C. Holes
D. Positrons

[10] A disadvantage of a half wave rectifier is the fact that
A. The output voltage is excessive compared to that of a full-wave rectifier
B. The output current is excessive compared to that of a full-wave rectifier.
C. The output waveform is harder to filter than is the case with a full wave rectifier
D. It requires several expensive diodes, whereas a full wave rectifier requires only a single diode

[11] A power gain of 30dB is equivalent to which amplification factor?
A. 0.001
B. 1/30
C. 30
D. 1000
E. None of the above

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