Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Basic Electronics :Part-3 Solved Objective Questions

[1] When the elements of an RLC circuit are both magnitude scaled and frequency scaled, which quality is unaffected?
A. Resistor
B. Resonant frequency
C. Bandwidth
D. Quality factor

[2] What kind of filter can be used to select a signal of one particular radio station?

A. Low pass
B. High pass
C. Band pass
D. Band stop

[3] A voltage source supplied a signal of constant amplitude, from 0 to 40kHz, to an RC lowpass filter. The load resistor experiences the maximum voltage at

B. 10 kHz
C. 20 kHz
D. 40 kHz

[4] The most commonly used amplifier in sample & hold circuits is 

A. A unity gain non-inverting amplifier
B. A unity gain inverting amplifier
C. An inverting amplifier with a gain of 10
D. An inverting amplifier with a gain of 100

[5] Three identical amplifiers with each one having a voltage gain of 50, input resistance of 1K & output resistance of 250,are cascaded. The open circuit voltage gain of combined amplifier is
A. 49dB
B. 51dB
C. 98dB
D. 102dB

[6] The cascade amplifier is a multistage configuration of

[7] The current gain of a BJT is
A. gmr0
B. gm/r0
C. gmrπ
D. gm/rπ

[8] Introducing a resistor in the emitter of a common amplifier stabilizes the dc operating point against variations in
A. Only the temperature
B. Only the β of the transistor
C. Both Temperature & β
D. None of the above

[9] Voltage Series feedback (also called series-shunt feedback) results in
A. Increase in both input & output impedences
B. Decrease in both input & output impedences
C. Increase in input impedence & decrease in output impedence
D. Decrease in input impedence & increase in output impedence

[10] An amplifier without feedback has a voltage gain of a 50,input resistance of 1K & Output resistance of 2.5K. The input resistance of the current-shunt negative feedback amplifier using the above amplifier with a feedback of 0.2 is

A. 1/11K
B. 1/5K
C. 5K
D. 11K

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  1. excellent question collectimon and very very helpful

  2. Question no.6 is wrong 1.CE-CB is a CASCODE amplifier combination
    2.CE-CE is a CASCADE amplifier 3.CC-CC is a Darlington pair