Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basic Electronics Objectives Part-2

[1] Wien bridge oscillator can typically generate frequencies in the range of
(a) 1kHz - 1 Mhz
(b) 1 Mhz - 10MHz
(c) 10MHz - 100MHz
(d) 100MHz - 150MHz

Answer: A
[2] A differential amplifier, amplifies ...
(a) And mathematically differentiates the average of the voltages on the two input lines
(b) And differentiates the input waveform on one line when the other line is grounded
(c) The difference of voltages between the two input lines
(d) And differentiates the sum of the two input waveform

Answer: C
[3] The type of power amplifier which exhibits crossover distortion in its output is 
(a) Class A
(b) Class B
(c) Class AB
(d) Class C

Answer: B
[4] The lowest output impedance is obtained in case of BJT amplifiers for
(a) CB configuration
(b) CE configuration
(c) CC configuration
(d) CE with RE configuration

Answer: C
[5] The upper cutoff frequency of an RC coupled amplifier mainly depends upon
(a) Coupling Capacitor
(b) Emitter bypass capacitor
(c) Output capacitance of signal source
(d) Inter-electrode capacitance and stray shunt capacitance

Answer: D
[6] Just as a voltage amplifier amplifies signal voltage, a power amplifier
(a) Amplifies power
(b) Amplifies signal current
(c) Merely converts the signal ac power into the dc power
(d) Merely converts the dc power into useful ac power

Answer: D
[7]An oscillator of the LC type that has a split capacitor in the circuit is
(a) Hartly oscillator
(b) Colpitts oscillator
(c) Weinbridge oscillator
(d) R-C phase shift oscillator

Answer: B
[8] The function of bleeder resistor in a power supply is
(a) The same as that of load resistor
(b) To ensure a minimum current drain in the circuit
(c) To increase the output dc voltage
(d) To increase the output current

Answer: B
[9] In a bistable multivibrator circuit, commutating capacitor is used
(a) To increase the base storage charge
(b) To provide ac coupling
(c) To increase the speed of response
(d) To provide the speed of oscillations

Answer: C
[10] Removing bypass capacitor across the emitter-leg resistor in a CE amplifier causes
(a) Increase in current gain.
(b) Decrease in current gain.
(c) Increase in voltage gain.
(d) Decrease in voltage gain.

Answer: D
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